Dredging, Oil, Discharge, Suction and High Pressure Hoses

Dredging hoses face extremely severe service conditions. Dredging hoses have to withstand such severe conditions, due to their purpose of dredging construction, repairing or large land reclamation and other civil engineering projects. Dredging hoses will be used for in Floating Steel Pipe Lines, as Jet Water Hose at drag arms, Connecting Hose in between Cutter Dredger and Discharge Line, Compensator Hose for vibration control.

The dredging industry demands higher efficiency and bigger capacity as the scale of reclamation works and dredging works has become much larger and discharge lines of such works have become much longer.

Floating Dredging Hoses

Floating Hoses are available of different design criteria. Floating hoses have will be used on all the major reclamation projects around the world. These hose will be custom made to meet customer's requirement.

OCIMF Hoses are installed widely in all offshore oil-producing regions of the world.

In addition, to the extensive range of dredge hoses and couplings, you'll find major supplier of Rubber Seal Profiles, Fender Systems and Moulded Rubber Products. Steel piping, Gate valves and Ships Deck Equipment. Hoses for OCIMF applications, such as, single- and double-carcass hoses, can be supplied for a variety of mooring systems such as CALM, SALM, CBM, tandem, catenary and reeling applications.

Rubber Hoses are purpose built to the special requirements of clients.

Dredging serves numerous purposes, presenting a variety of challenges when it comes to formulating a comprehensive technical dredging strategy. Reasons for dredging include:

Dredging hoses

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Industrial Hoses

Industrial hoses are important components in commercial and industrial usage. They facilitate the safe transport of substances in a variety of aggregation states from one location to another. Contrary to pipes, industrial hoses are principally rather used for shorter distances, mobile pumping and destination sites and at locations that are geographically difficult to access. When utilized, industrial hoses must withstand many types of stresses of a mechanical, thermal and chemical nature. A high-quality construction of industrial hoses is therefore absolutely essential for them to retain their functional capability for as long as possible.

Consequently, special industrial hoses are available for the different areas of application: an industrial hose for the transport of oil exhibits other construction features than an industrial hose for the transport of bulk material. For practical purposes, special industrial hoses are available for each product to be transported, each of them custom-engineered in regard to the properties of the respective material to be transported.

The service life of an industrial hose largely depends on the chemical properties and the temperature of the medium flowing through it. Furthermore, the flow rate and duration of exposure play an important role for the service life. For special applications or extreme cleaning methods, the specific construction features of the industrial hoses must be known to be able to select the suitable hose in each case. In addition, the connecting options of the individual hoses are important and also the effect of existing gate valves and hose connections on the possible choices.